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When everyone is getting married…….

………except you There is the tendency for you to be depressed and feel sorry for yourself when it seems like you’re the only one amongst your mates who hasn’t hitched a man Getting married is most women’s ultimate dream but sometimes it doesn’t happen when you want it to. It could be that you haven’t… Continue reading When everyone is getting married…….

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NON-FICTION: My Night of Ordeal

I wrote this story for a course I offered last year, titled, literature and medicine. (BTW, I loved the lecturer with a passion!) We were supposed to write about our personal experiences or experiences of people we knew that had suffered one form of misdemenour or another at the hands of medical practitioners in hospitals.… Continue reading NON-FICTION: My Night of Ordeal

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FICTION: Eternal Thirty Minutes

Time stood still, or so it seemed. It was barely ten minutes since Dele called and there I was, quite restless and generally in a murderously crappy mood. Besides the sweltering heat that did nothing to ease this mood, Dele’s phone call kept me quite on edge. My boyfriend wasn’t someone of many words but… Continue reading FICTION: Eternal Thirty Minutes