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Yay! My First Ever Class Reunion Was Awesome

Besides running into one at some event, meeting another at a wedding, and exchanging a couple of messages with a few others on Facebook, I had lost touch with classmates from school. So when I heard about the 10 year class reunion, I immediately decided that I wouldn’t go. Well, I admit that it looked… Continue reading Yay! My First Ever Class Reunion Was Awesome

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Four Life Lessons I Learned from my Makeup Training

I recently had a little extra time on my hands and decided to learn professional makeup. I didn’t want to procrastinate learning any longer than I already had, so I enrolled for the training as soon as I found a suitable makeup school for me. It was as much fun as it was hard work.… Continue reading Four Life Lessons I Learned from my Makeup Training

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Four Signs You’re Having A Crush

When in J.S.S. 3 I watched my Mathematics teacher’s lips move without hearing a word he said in class, I had no idea that was going to be the first in a series of crushes I would later have. I say series because that one crush seemed to spark off half a dozen more. Well,… Continue reading Four Signs You’re Having A Crush

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FICTION: The Brown Leather Couch

“Stay, please. I’ll take you home, I promise.” The party had ended and we were sitting on his couch – the brown leather couch his friends had bought him as a housewarming gift – in his cozy, cream and brown freshly painted sitting room, watching a Grey’s Anatomy episode as we munched from a bowl… Continue reading FICTION: The Brown Leather Couch

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FICTION: Heaven and Strawberry Muffins

Somewhere between the small hollow of my waist and the curves of my hips, his hands lingered. Through the soft linen fabric of my gown, I felt them – long, lean and strong – sending pins and needles up my spine. I held my breath, he released his, fresh and clean, on my right cheek,… Continue reading FICTION: Heaven and Strawberry Muffins

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When everyone is getting married…….

………except you There is the tendency for you to be depressed and feel sorry for yourself when it seems like you’re the only one amongst your mates who hasn’t hitched a man Getting married is most women’s ultimate dream but sometimes it doesn’t happen when you want it to. It could be that you haven’t… Continue reading When everyone is getting married…….

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NON-FICTION: My Night of Ordeal

I wrote this story for a course I offered last year, titled, literature and medicine. (BTW, I loved the lecturer with a passion!) We were supposed to write about our personal experiences or experiences of people we knew that had suffered one form of misdemenour or another at the hands of medical practitioners in hospitals.… Continue reading NON-FICTION: My Night of Ordeal