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Yay! My First Ever Class Reunion Was Awesome

Besides running into one at some event, meeting another at a wedding, and exchanging a couple of messages with a few others on Facebook, I had lost touch with classmates from school. So when I heard about the 10 year class reunion, I immediately decided that I wouldn’t go. Well, I admit that it looked… Continue reading Yay! My First Ever Class Reunion Was Awesome

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Four Life Lessons I Learned from my Makeup Training

I recently had a little extra time on my hands and decided to learn professional makeup. I didn’t want to procrastinate learning any longer than I already had, so I enrolled for the training as soon as I found a suitable makeup school for me. It was as much fun as it was hard work.… Continue reading Four Life Lessons I Learned from my Makeup Training

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Four Signs You’re Having A Crush

When in J.S.S. 3 I watched my Mathematics teacher’s lips move without hearing a word he said in class, I had no idea that was going to be the first in a series of crushes I would later have. I say series because that one crush seemed to spark off half a dozen more. Well,… Continue reading Four Signs You’re Having A Crush

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FICTION: The Brown Leather Couch

“Stay, please. I’ll take you home, I promise.” The party had ended and we were sitting on his couch – the brown leather couch his friends had bought him as a housewarming gift – in his cozy, cream and brown freshly painted sitting room, watching a Grey’s Anatomy episode as we munched from a bowl… Continue reading FICTION: The Brown Leather Couch

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FICTION: Heaven and Strawberry Muffins

Somewhere between the small hollow of my waist and the curves of my hips, his hands lingered. Through the soft linen fabric of my gown, I felt them – long, lean and strong – sending pins and needles up my spine. I held my breath, he released his, fresh and clean, on my right cheek,… Continue reading FICTION: Heaven and Strawberry Muffins